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Hey educators, I’m Chanavia!



At Principal Patterson Leadership Services, we help women educators become highly-effective school and district leaders through executive coaching, consulting, and professional development.


I’m Chanavia, but fondly known as Principal Patterson, an award-winning former principal turned executive coach, K-12 consultant and creator of The Leadership League. 

I designed the Classroom to Coach Crash Course as a prerequisite to The Leadership League, to help educators transition from classroom to coach. from teaching to leading, with courage and confidence, yet without compromising core values. 

Why? Because I get it! I've been there! 

You're hiding in your classroom, yet have tons of experience and expertise that could benefit more students, teachers, and the stakeholders in your school or district. 

You’re watching your teammates make mistakes in areas you have mastered. You haven’t been given adequate opportunities to be seen, heard or considered when you have exactly what it takes to coach and lead.

You are a goal-oriented, aspirational thinking educator that values consistent growth and development in your career. You’ve been in the field long enough to transition your teaching!


Never before have I taught this content in depth outside of The Leadership League my exclusive group coaching program.


But because I wanted more educators to have access to this, I made a way to make it more widely available.

You deserve it too. And it's time.

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You will receive...

✨ 5 modules jam-packed with leadership lessons and trainings to guide you on your journey toward leadership,

✨ A workbook that accompanies each module to capture your learning and life work,

✨ An audio version of each lesson so you can listen and learn on the go,

✨ Membership to an exclusive Facebook community with other driven educators like yourself. (I am also in the group for Q&A and live trainings as needed)

Weekly Leadership Modules

Each week after you enroll you will receive access to a new module. Each module contains video lessons and a companion guide. 

The modules will be released on the following schedule:

  • [Purpose] Module 1: Elevate Your Expertise

  • [Positioning] Module 2: How To Be Seen, Heard and Valued

  • [Presentation] Module 3: Build Your Coaching and Facilitation Skills

  • [Professional Development] Module 4: Positioned to Lead and Facilitate

  • [Promotion] Module 5: How to Prepare For The Promotion

  • [Bonus] Reset the Resume

*There will be leadership lessons inside each module*

Exclusive Aspiring Leader's Community

The Facebook Group is officially open! This group will be the space for you to connect with other leaders, share you thoughts and lifework, get feedback, accountability and support, and attend our live Q&As. 

Please note - requests will be approved within in 48 hours. 

See you inside the Facebook group!

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